Lake Como Design Festival renews its appointment and announces the sixth edition, from September 15th to 22nd 2024 in the city of Como and around its lake. Lightness is the leitmotif of this new event, that will take visitors on a diffuse journey discovering exhibitions and site-specific installations around this year theme from different points of view. Never as in this moment do we need lightness, that same one described by Italo Calvino in his “Six Memos for the New Millennium”: the lightness “associated with precision and determination, not with vagueness and indulgence to chance.”

A constant need over time that has always pushed us toward the illusion that we can ignore the force of gravity and get closer to the sky. From Leonardo's mechanical flight to the construction of the Tour Eiffel, from the use of glass to that of aerogel, “light thinking” has always involved different fields - literature, theater, art, design, architecture, physics, chemistry - and now it takes us on a new date, where lightness finds the right balance between form, material and movement.