Casa del Fascio, Giuseppe Terragni, 1932. Photo by Enrico Cano

Guided Tours

Rationalist Como / Guided tours promoted by Wonderlake Como on this fourth edition of the festival.

During the fourth Lake Como Design Festival some of the most important rationalist works in the area will be firmly placed on the list of places to visit, namely the Casa del Fascio, the Monumento ai Caduti in Como and the Cattaneo Archive, housed inside Cesare Cattaneo's rationalist masterpiece in Cernobbio.

Casa del Fascio, Giuseppe Terragni, 1932. Photo by Enrico Cano

Through observation and analysis of the architecture, with the involvement of local professionals such as the architects Ambrosini, Brambilla, Castelli, Di Salvo, Dolinski, Engineer Cattaneo and Dr. Galli, visitors will have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the key points behind rationalist architecture, discover the new construction materials used, and learn about the inspiration that guided the masters of that time that straddled history and modernity. Architects taking part in the event may be given, in accordance with the current Training Guidelines, professional training credits on presentation of a self-certification request with the Festival ticket.

Monumento ai Caduti, Giuseppe Terragni, 1933.

The main objective of the guided tours, promoted by Wonderlake Como and sponsored by Materia 2.0, is to invest in the knowledge and awareness of a heritage that is unique to this place and to generate interest in the artistic and architectural heritage of the Lake Como area, both for the international and the local public, including through the creation of a series of networking activities involving companies, schools and training institutes in the area over time. For more info and reservations