palazzo del broletto

The form of lightness / Group exhibition tracing a century of lightness in a selection of different seating.

"Lightness can be a contemporary way of finding the right balance between nature and artifice. Lightness not only physical, with the reduction of the material used, but also visual. Lightness that makes it possible to obtain a discreet object, which does not impose itself and which respects the environment.”

Armframe, Alberto Meda for Alias - photo by Alberto Strada

Alberto Meda's words are the starting point for this exhibition, which presents a series of chairs made with different techniques and materials and coming from different currents and countries. A journey through time, from the first examples of bentwood in the early 20th century, through the Bauhaus school and Rationalism, from the experiments with new materials in the 1960s and 1970s, to the latest contemporary creations.

A site-specific installation in the mediaeval hall of the Palazzo del Broletto will allow visitors to walk among the different seats and delve into their eras, styles, production techniques and anecdotes, thanks to a series of archive materials on display.

Palazzo del Broletto
Como, piazza Duomo
15-22 September 2024
10 am - 7 pm