route off

Off 2024 / A journey to discover projects and places inside and outside the ancient walls.

Our journey in and outside the ancient city walls continues in this sixth edition, dedicated to discovering a selection of projects, activities and hidden places.

The city walls of Como, which surround the historic city centre on three sides, are still well preserved for almost the entirety of their original perimeter and date back to the medieval period. They were first built on the initiative of Julius Caesar in the first half of the 1st century B.C. about 20 metres inside the structures that are visible today. These garrisons were part of a complex defensive structure. Today they maintain a dense network of streets, courtyards and gardens to be discovered within the city.

Abstract con Living Divani – Palazzo Bazzi

Lake Como Design Festival is selecting few locations ready to host your projects. We will propose the best location according to the project you intend to exhibit. For information and how to participate please contact us at