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Palazzo Valli Bruni
6-10 ottobre 2021

Millim Studio x Studio F

"We create experiences between
art, communication, culture and design. We give value to research and time, creating unique and innovative processes. We explore the concept of beauty. We shape new visions.
Form, matter and content, communicate each other evolving into new and contemporary projects." Millim is a multidisciplinary creative studio.
Founded in Rome in 2016 by Chiara Pellicano and Edoardo Giammarioli. Their gaze is aimed at the research and construction of new forms of expression that create stable connections between culture, art, design and communication. Design as desire. For the duo it is the sense of things that excites.
Where the need ends, the desire takes shape.

STUDIO F was founded in 2017 by self-taught designers, Federico Boschiazzi and Francesco Lucchetti who share the same passion for Italian design and sustainable craftsmanship. The Turin based atelier incorporates their ethos in environment and the idea of re-using and re-inventing century old reclaimed wood to embrace sustainability and innovation without compromising timeless aesthetic. STUDIO F is not a traditional atelier, but where research and study of the materials and the projects interweave with the client and the environment.


Declare the intrinsic strength of the form, in order to make it essential and functional to itself. “Classic” geometrics and volumes capable of leading us on the course of continuous research and cultural connection between past, present and future. Investigating the current concept of aggregation, "Alter" becomes the formal representation of the multiplicity, diversity and complexity of tangible and intangible connections to which we are very familiar today. In continuity with the thought of the master Enzo Mari, the idea of the project is to develop a product that is a sign of our times, but which at the same time can extend cultural and social meanings and values, even after years. Studio F focuses its work on the importance of solid wood and its recovery. The selected wood is a centennial Cedar charred with the Japanese technique of Shou Sugi Ban.


"Alter" wants to be the expression of a broken down and unstructured coffee table, modifying the formal and canonical image of the elements that contribute to the construction of a table. "Alter" is a "fluid" product in which the concept of "leg" and "floor" is lost. An "other" table that evolves in its simplicity, becoming an emblem of bond, support, aggregation and comparison for distinct elements. The top loses its function as a surface above the legs, to become a welcoming line. Each element of "Alter" acquires its own identity but at the same time is a fundamental part in the construction of the whole, contributing to its balance, its union and essence.