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Palazzo Valli Bruni
6-10 ottobre 2021

Materica / Galli Cavalcabò

MATERICA was created to study the material substance of design, the essence of which objects are made. The ambition is to create microcosms made of material. A material that will be the only protagonist, showing the world its nature. MATERICA is a Cultural Association founded by Marianna Galbusera, Gregorio Lioce and Lajdi Sulaj in 2019.
––– “Aesthetic expression without a basic idea is only pure chance”.


Palazzo is a pure white calacatta floorlamp, made of nine horizontal layers composed of solids and voids with an accentuate architectural fascination. Stacking is the main material gesture. Recalling the primitive action of over- lapping different components in architecture, Palazzo is the overlap of recognizable elements whose form and volume results pure and untouched, out of decorative alteration given by time and space. Simple forms stacking one on top of the other are creating complexity both related to the object itself and related to the shadows the inner light is creating around.