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Palazzo Valli Bruni
6-10 ottobre 2021


Flatwig Studio is a design practice currently based in Milan. Founded in London in 2016 by Erica Agogliati and Francesca Avian, the practice approaches design in a dynamic way, dealing with interiors, custom-made furniture, product design and graphics as well as creative direction for brands and private clients.
Flatwig Studio engages with solutions that unite client expectations and spatial concerns in a significant final result. The projects by Flatwig Studio very often originate from the observation and study of customs and traditions of the past and from folklore. The themes of food and tableware and the gestures associated to them are recurrent in their design, and represent a fundamental component of their practice. Erica and Francesca select the materials to work with in a responsible and sustainable way, paying respect and attention to the context of application. Their activity is aimed at the creation of objects, creative solutions and 'timeless' spaces; contaminations and collaborations between different fields are a fundamental element of their practice. Circularity, functionality and essentiality are the main principles at the basis of their work. Completed works and projects have been featured in leading publications and acclaimed for their fresh and international approach. Flatwig Studio has been selected by Elle Decor Italia among the 30 young design talents of 2020. 


Joie de vivre: Inspired by early 1900s Abstract Art, and in particular by Sonia Delaunay's "Couverture de Berceau", Joie de vivre is a table runner made from denim-colored textile leftovers. Every single scrap is enriched by a white border that accentuates its irregular shape; then, the pieces of fabric are matched and sewn together with the patchwork technique, to form a single long runner. “Couverture de Berceau” is a blanket that Sonia Delaunay designed for her newborn son through the patchwork technique, communicating the values of care and protection. In a similar way and with the same technique, Flatwig Studio creates an object to take care of others around a table, in a convivial domestic situation or during an outdoor picnic. Joie de vivre celebrates conviviality, relationships and the joy of being together.