LCDF symbol

Palazzo Valli Bruni
6-10 ottobre 2021

f r a c a s / Sarah Pschorn

F R A C A S gallery asked 4 of its artists to create works especially for the Lake Como Design Festival. The result is a series of sculptural objects creating a colorful harmony of water hues, ranging from green to blue. A table, lamps, a mirror, vases and a tea/coffee set each tell a contemporary story as seen through the eyes of emerging artists who draw on 20th century art and design movements.


For the LCDF, SARAH PSCHORN created a series of vase-trophies that dialogue with art deco, taking up the motif of the scallop shell but also resonate with art nouveau, baroque and romanticism. Her ceramic sculptures bear wit- ness to her interest in a wide variety of eras, styles and cultures, which she brings together in three-dimensional collages. Born in Dresden, former GDR, in 1989 (the year of the German Reunion) Sarah grew up surrounded by Baroque architecture, an inspiration that persistently defines her work.


SARAH PSCHORN is a visual artist and an experimental object maker based in Leipzig, Germany. currently, her work is mostly focused on objects that refer to vessels and trophies, using and experimenting with traditional and contemporary techniques of production.