san pietro in atrio

Stories of Fabrics / Natural and vegetable manufacturing, from farming to weaving.

This new edition will see the opening of San Pietro in Atrio to the public. This building, dating back to 1200, was connected to the nearby Basilica of San Fedele. Inside, Lake Como Design Festival will stage a selection of works by national and international designers who work, with a strong spirit of research and experimentation, in the field of natural and vegetable manufacturing, from agriculture to weaving such as wool, cotton and silk in the rediscovery of ancient production techniques.

The protagonists of this journey between tradition and innovation are: Milla Novo, a designer based in the Netherlands whose practice is rooted in the culture and manufacturing traditions of the indigenous Mapuche people of central-southern Chile; Amaro Seta, which with the Amaro Seta Stories platform, tells the artistic and industrial heritage inextricably linked to silk of the Como area; Mariantonia Urru, a modern interpretation of the Sardinian textile tradition; Abstract, a young brand from Como devoted to the research and exploration of prints, textures and materials; ruga.perissinotto, design studio engaged with Lanificio Paoletti in the rediscovery of the historic wools of north-eastern Italy; Elena Meneghini, Italian weaver and textile designer whose research is strongly inspired by natural materials such as linen, cotton and paper yarn; and Arazzi Contemporanei, an artistic project founded by the innovative company i-Mesh, creator of a non-woven fabric based on mineral fibres.

Lake Como Design Festival continues its journey of discovery of historic places, sometimes unpublished or forgotten, with the aim of promoting and sharing the artistic and cultural heritage in the area and creating an original dialogue between history, architecture and design.

San Pietro in Atrio
Como, via Odescalchi
16-24 September 2023
10 a.m.-7 p.m.
Free admission