percorso nomade

Appointments off / A journey to discover contemporary projects in the historic center of the city of Como.

This fourth edition inaugurates a journey inside the ancient city walls dedicated to the discovery of a selection of projects and places, sometimes inaccessible, all to be discovered.

Antiroom II, Elena Chiavi, Ahmad el Mad, Matteo Goldoni, Malta, 2015. Wood panels, mesh curtains. Picture credit: Ahmad El Mad (page 261)

Mobitecture: Architecture on the Move
Libreria Plinio il Vecchio, in collaboration with Phaidon, showcases a selection of photographs taken from the volume Mobitecture: Architecture on the Move, edited by Rebecca Roke and published by Phaidon in 2017. Houseboats, huts and modified caravans, as well as shelters in case of catastrophe, wearable structures and futuristic prototypes are some of the subjects exhibited in this small exhibition not to be missed in the historic library. The publication celebrates mobile architecture in all its forms with this visual hymn to life in motion with more than 250 photographs of projects collected from around the world and categorized by type.

Libreria Plinio il Vecchio
via Vitani 14, Como
Everyday, 10.00-13.00 / 14.30-19.00

Nomadism according to Somma 1867
In a few years the world has changed: the pandemic has brought us back to living in the house. We worked on it, we followed our children's school lessons, we trained. The boundaries of the environments have blurred; the rooms have become small personal realms. A non-trivial transformation that has given new light to linen and furnishing accessories, bringing them to the center of our life. Faced with this fluidity of spaces and their uses, the interesting phenomenon of nomadism emerged. A plaid that was previously a single accessory in the bedroom, now becomes a lived-in complement in the living room, kitchen, desk or terrace. Today we present a further evolution of this phenomenon: the plaid leaves the furniture sector to become a fashion accessory to wear. Leida, elegant and refined, in cashmere and silk, and Doge, a rich weave of dye-thread wool edged with precious velvet. Two ways to dress you and your home with class, elegance and style. In absolute preview only from DEP Design Store, available only during the festival.

Somma 1867
c/o DEP Design Store

via Carcano 4, Como
Monday 15.00-19.00
Tuesday/Saturday, 10.00-19.00

Cutting-Edge hosts Caravanserai, photographer exhibition of Tom Schutyser, in collaboration with 5 Continets Edition

Cutting-Edge and Caravansérails. Tales of dynamism and movement
Inside the fifteenth-century Palazzo Pantera, we discover the first collection of furnishing accessories by Cutting-Edge, a young reality oriented towards dynamism and movement, which operates in various sectors ranging from product design to interior architecture. The collection consists of a single armchair, side table and coffee table, wall lamp and hanging cabinet. It will be possible to discover it in the various rooms of the studio that will host a series of photographs taken from the volume Caravansérails, published by 5 Continents Edition, taken by Tom Schutyser, Belgian photographer, documentary maker and researcher. A fundamental element of an ancient form of globalization, the caravanserai is a successful example of multicultural dialogue, used for centuries as stops in the Middle East and Central Asia, offering food and accommodation to merchants, pilgrims and other travelers along the route of the ancient Silk Road.

via Rodari 7, Como
Everyday, 10.00-19.00

Links and fragments across memories and geographies
Galleria Ramo
is pleased to present Links and fragments across memories and geographies in an exhibition which introduces the works of François Knoetze and Alice Paltrinieri. Connected by historical and cultural memories these two artists record their performances in Como (2022), Shenzhen (2019), New York (2019), Kinshasa (2018) and Dakar (2018), through videos, archives, sensors, tracking devices, lights and the photographic medium. The exhibition reveals how contemporary artistic practice is contributing to a political and cultural process that collectively rethinks our history and existence in this world.

via Borsieri 4/d, Como
Opening on Saturday 17 September
from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.
from 17.09.2022 to 04.12.2022

Neo-nomadism: tendency to respond to the liquidity of the contemporary by creating spaces, relationships and objects with a hybrid and flexible character. Interconnected, agile, light, transportable. Suitable for people on the go. Abstract is an Italian brand that has been experimenting with prints, textile processes and special models since 2014, the year of the first abstract-themed print. Each product is made in the Lake Como district where textiles are not just a business, but a passion handed down from generation to generation.

Palazzo Bazzi,
via Olginati 3, Como
Everyday, 10.00-19.00

Since April 2016 Hanna Burkart lives without a fixed living or working place. During her own site-specific residencies, the artist is constantly exposing herself to new sleeping environments. In her performance series sleeping, the artists inhabits spaces in international locations and documents her experiences in the ongoing photo series SCHLAFEN INTERNATIONAL. From 14 to 26 September, Hanna Burkart will be sleeping - living and working in Como. The exhibition “SCHLAFEN INTERNATIONAL in Como“ gives an insight into what this performative practice looks like for her.

Hanna Burkart c/o WIP
via Volta 24, Como
Everyday, 11.00-19.00

Atelier Fabrizio Musa. Photo by Adriano Pecchio

Atelier Fabrizio Musa
What was once the home and studio of Giuseppe Terragni, today houses the atelier of the Como artist Fabrizio Musa, a place that can be visited during the fourth edition of the Lake Como Design Festival. Since his artistic debut, in the second half of the nineties, Fabrizio Musa has contaminated the more traditional painting techniques with new technologies. His working method includes a plurality of techniques and has been linked to architecture on several occasions. Since 2008 he has collaborated with the architect Mario Botta in a pictorial reworking project of his architectures: "Musa studies the language of architecture by translating it autonomously on the canvas, that is, making it become a pictorial language in all respects, with surprising results, he works on light as I work on the organization of the architectural space, he reports in his black and white the results of the shadows born from the three-dimensional context of the work."

Atelier Fabrizio Musa,
via Indipendenza 55, Como
Everyday, 15.00-19.00
Monday 19/Tuesday 20
Thursday 22 closed

Nosetta: the maxi-clutch that tells the story of the journey
The choice of the clutch is linked to the theme of this fourth edition of the festival, Neo-nomadism: a concept that has always been present in the history of cultures, but which becomes more and more fluid, now extending between real life and digital life. The clutch bag is one of the first bag models to be invented; a practical model, light, easy to hide under clothing and useful for carrying valuables. Now it becomes the accessory of a modern "unstable" traveler, created to contain the essential elements of their world, both physical and digital. For this production Nosetta relies on the multi-ethnic tailoring atelier CouLture Migrante, which involves and trains, in the tailoring field, migrants and asylum seekers, coming from different parts of the world, who contribute to combine their special professional experience with local materials for a production nomadic.

via Vitani 19, Como
Everyday, 11.00-19.00

Crasi between physical and digital is a neologism that tells of a constant and intense interaction between physical and digital. An interchange of which the world of art is also part: from photomontages to the metaverse, new types of images are the basis of a new aesthetic language. On display digital subjects made with fine manual technique and classic themes developed digitally offer a bidirectional interpretation of this exchange, creating a decidedly interesting hybrid exhibition. G / ART / EN gallery.

G / ART / EN
via Anzani 25, Como
Opening on Saturday 17 September
from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Everyday, 10.00-13.00 / 15.00-19.00