palazzo del broletto

Naturalis Historia / Collective exhibition inspired by the homonymous work by Pliny the Elder.

For its fifth edition, Lake Como Design Festival chooses the observation of nature as its guiding thread. "Naturalis Historia" will be the title of this new event, inspired by the homonymous work by Pliny the Elder. In the year of the Bimillenary of his birth (Como, 23 A.D.), the theme chosen is intended as a tribute to the writer and naturalist, to his eclectic and curious character of forgotten, new and useful things.

A collective exhibition will open the edition. The exhibition stages Pliny the Elder's census of different animal, plant and mineral species. A dialogue between works of art, furnishings, objects collected in a single display. A curatorial team composed by different figures from different fields (painting and sculpture, photography, archaeology, design) will be responsible for the selection of the displayed works.

In collaboration with Municipality of Como
Palazzo del Broletto, piazza Duomo
17-25 September 2022
10 a.m.-7 p.m.