Atelieraveus, Monument

Villa Gallia

In Search of Lost Time / A 21st century design exhibition in the setting of the neoclassical Villa Gallia.

Movimento Club presents the exhibition "In search of lost time", a collective of contemporary designers inspired by Marcel Proust’s acclaimed work by the same name, an impressive 4,000-page novel that took over 13 years to finish. The novel goes a long way into exploring the idea that our present and our future are a result of our past and that as much as we might not like to admit it, almost everything we do is influenced by our past decisions and actions.

Max Funkat, sculpted shelf.

‘In Search of Lost Time’ is a selection of pieces designed today, no more than that, pieces which reflect the designers and tell a story about their past experiences. A 21st century design set within a backdrop of neo-classicalism; the stark contrast between the two ideas asking questions of time, perception and reflection.

Artists selected for this exhibition are: Jordan Lee Flemming, Satomi Minoshima, Sarah Murphy, Oliver Cook, Intervallo, Juliana Maurer, Solene Bonnet, Auchkatz, Milena Kling, Gerlach & Heilig, Charlotte Anne Declerq, Stone Stackers, Montserrat Pina Benetts, Hayden Richer, Joseph Yang, Tim Vranken, Victor Hahner, Studio Zero, Chuch Estudio, LLOTLOOV, Panorammma, Mesut Ozturk, TIPSTUDIO, Min Park, Studio F, Arequipe, CELO, MILLIM, Federica Elmo, Dean Norton, Tellurico, Morgane Aveus, Neemesi, Sashaxsasha, Max Funkat, SECOLO.

Federica Elmo, Onda dining table

The exhibition is curated by Movimento Club, the set design conceived by Greta Cevenini and produced with the support of Italstand. “In Search of Lost Time” will be hosted in one of the striking pieces of architecture overlooking the first basin of Lake Como: Villa Gallia.

Collective exhibition inspired
by Marcel Proust’s homonymous work.
Curated by Movimento Club.

Villa Gallia
Passeggiata Lino Gelpi
17-25 September 2022
10 a.m.-7 p.m.

Free admission